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Arjun Bruggeman, world percussionist, drummer, composer and session recording artist, is highly acclaimed for his unique hybrid of East-meets-West rhythms.

At the age of 9 Arjun started playing guitar, bass and drums. By the age of 14 he embarked on a touring career playing drums with punk rock bands. His interest in early progressive, metal and jazz rhythms led him into a creative journey and later found himself enthralled by world percussion. Simultaneously, Arjun practiced many forms of Eastern spirituality. Through these explorations he merged the inner quest with the exterior expressions of sound and found himself supporting spoken word with Coleman Barks and David Darling.

Arjun recalls, “I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to support something that was bigger than me.” This profound experience led Arjun to meet Krishna Das and a connection with Neem Karoli Baba.

Soon thereafter he began touring with Krishna Das worldwide and over the past decade has shared the stage with noted musicians Sting, John Densmore, Mark Egan, Jerry Morrata, Steve Gorn, Jackson Browne and David Crosby and Graham Nash.

Arjun has recorded and performed with artists such as John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Brian Jackson, Larry McDonald, Frank Messina, Jason Mraz, Belinda Carlisle, Jon Anderson, Colman Barks, Robert Bly, Trevor Hall,, Michael Franti, Snatam Kaur, Shyamdas, and The John Ginty Band.

In 2016, Arjun released his self-titled debut album Arjun. The six-track album features all original compositions exploring the musical journey of the soul. In June 2019 Arjun has released his follow-up offering of world percussion centered on improvisation and other worldly soundscapes with friends Mark Egan, Shane Theriot and David Darling called Otherworld.  Additionally, he has partnered with renowned jazz artist Mark Egan, the duo’s album "Dreaming Spirits" was released in 2018 in which he was rated #3 for best percussionist for that year by Jazz Station LA.





New Jersey, USA



World, Jazz, Alternative


performed with//

John Densmore and Robby Krieger of The Doors, Krist Novoselic, Krishna Das, Brian Jackson, Trevor Hall, Larry McDonald, David Darling, Michael Franti, Snatam Kaur, Jackson Browne, Crosby.


recorded with//

Krishna Das, Jason Mraz, Belinda Carlisle, Mark Egan, Shane Theriot, Mirabai Ceiba, Shyamdas, Hu Dost, The John Ginty Band



Light shining on hypnotizing fingertips 

By Pinar Istek




Dog Pound - Anything and Everything 7’ - 1991

Dog Pound - Counter Clockwise 7’ - 1992

Dog Pound - Life and Leisure and The Pursuit of Happiness Cass - 1993

Dog Pound - Junkyard 7’ - 1994

Dog Pound - The Forward Look - 1995

Factoids - Destroy the Plot - 2000

The Fiendz - Redemption - 2001

Ghandharva - 2003

Krishna Das - Flow of Grace - 2007

Baird Hersey, Prana, Krishna Das - Gathering of the Light - 2007

Shyamdas - Songs of Sweetness Absolutely Live - 2007

Krishna Das - Heart Full of Soul - 2008

Krishna Das - Heart as Wide as the World - 2010

Mirabai Ceiba  - A Hundred Blessings - 2010

Krishna Das - Chants of a Lifetime - 2011

Krishna Das - Live Ananda - 2012

Shyamdas - Live at Bhaktifest Midwest - 2012, 2013

Nina Rao - Antarayaami - 2013

Krishna Das - Kirtan Wallah - 2014

Hu Dost - Sufi Kirtan - 2015

Arjun - 2016

Krishna Das - Trust in the Heart - 2017

Belinda Carlisle - Wilder Shores - 2017

Mark Egan & Arjun Bruggeman - Dreaming Spirits - 2018

Nina Rao - Anubhav - 2018

Shyama Chapin- Loves Door - 2018

Krishna Das- Peace Of My Heart-2018






Contact: Nancy Montes


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